Food Fair Magazine began publishing as an independent show daily at NRA Chicago in 2005 and in 2015 the name was changed from Foodservice Daily News to Food Fair Magazine in order to produce a single issue magazine per show, rather than a new issue each day. We feel running identical editorial each day is important for reach. 
Food Fair focuses exclusively on presenting new wares from exhibitors at the show each year.
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Best Culinary Wishes!
Christopher Gudenzi
Editor & President
Food Fair People +1 Cat 

Jim Lopolito

Contributing Business Editor

Cost Management


President, Lopolito Consultants

Robert Ancil


Business Editor

Restaurant Trends

Menu Development



Jane Tolman, MA

Managing Editor

Social Media  Genius



Chef Romana Hussein

Regional Editor

Africa/Middle East

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Mark Kelnhofer, CFBA, MBA

Contributing Business Editor

Food Cost Management




Chef Tawnya Bahr

Regional Editor


Food consultant

Founding partner


Straight To The Source


Nancy Kruse


Trends Editor

Food Trends



Steve Goodman, MA

Regional Editor

SE Asia

Centered in Vietnam


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Christopher R. Gudenzi

Chief Editor 

President & Founder


Kelly Isaacs

Art Director

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The amazing Garfield, a British Shorthair, is found quite often just sleeping on his back in the middle of deadline production.

We think it keeps everything under control.