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Exploring Menu Trends for 2019
Recap of best trends of 2018
Latin Food & Attracting More Student Chefs to the Cuisine.
We speak with Rick Bayless.  
Wines by the Glass: new serving/preservation systems Part 2
FoodFair Travels:  Asia Nomad series - FF visits kitchens in...
Vietnam, Hong Kong, Kyoto and Thailand,
part 1 of a 3 part series.
Part 2  - First Impressions, more on the all important front room  look you may be missing in your service.
Part 2  - Delivery Update
What you need to know

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Host Milano Internatioal Hospitality Exhibition Oct. 18-22, 2019

Winter  18/19

Food Fair /

Foodservice Daily News

Special NAFEM Equipment Issue 

Print /Digital

Orlando NAFEM Show Distribution

We devote the issue to the latest in bar, front room and back room equipment and technology.
The NAFEM show will be our focus for this issue and the print issue will be distributed to attendees.

Spring/Summer 2019

Food Fair

NRA Show Issue

Print /Digital

Chicago NRA Show Distribution

We devote the issue to what exhibitors are bringing to the NRA 19 show in Chicago.
Also, we look at trends and the state of the foodservice industry.
The print issue will be distributed to attendees via a direct mailing to their restaurants and through show floor handouts.

Jim Lopolito

Business Editor

Cost Management




Christopher Gudenzi

EIC, Publisher & Founder

New Products

Travel Features

Mark Kelnhofer, CFBA, MBA

Contributing Business Editor

Food Cost Management




Jane Tolman, MA

Managing Editor

Features Editor



Robert Ancil

Contributing Business Editor

Restaurant Trends

Menu Development



Chef Romana Hussein

Regional Editor

Africa/Middle East

Nancy Kruse

Contributing Business Editor

Food Trends



Chef Tawnya Bahr

Regional Editor


Food consultant

Founding partner

of Straight To The Source


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