As seen on the Today Show, Bitter Love includes digestive bitters which make for a fun taste.
PORTLAND, MAINE (November 2, 2018) – Bitter Love (, one of the first shelf-stable, ready-to-drink beverages made from a bitter blend of functional herbs, sparkling water, and a splash of fruit juice, is crafted by four women who all reside in Southern Maine. All of them have worked with and invested in natural food brands from inception to acquisition.
Through witnessing the greatest success stories to the heartbreak of failed endeavors they have learned the ins and outs, made connections, and see where consumer trends are heading.
“Bitter interest and use are trending within the Craft Cocktail movement and as standalone tinctures and sprays. We are using a functional blend of bitter herbs, sparkling water and a splash of fruit juice to allow consumers to drink their bitters daily, on-the-go, in a refreshingly bitter and tart 12 oz sparkling beverage. Bitter Love, while a new category, fits into consumer’s wishes for a low sugar, low-calorie flavorful beverage with functionality - the anti-soda,” said Taja Dockendorf, Co-Founder of Bitter Love.
Recently the Bitter Love team attended the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland where David Zinczenko from ‘Eat This Not That’ discovered this delicious “all natural” beverage.
“Handcrafted cocktail bitters are trendy with the hipster crowd, and this sparkling non-alcoholic drink is an easy way to enjoy them at home. As its name suggests, the drink is more bitter and tart than sweet, but it's incredibly refreshing,” said Zinczenko.
Bitter Love is dedicated to using clean ingredients and working towards there Non-GMO certification. They are set up with two New England based distributors, have opened over 100 local accounts, and made national sales online through Amazon. They are also scheduled to launch in a couple UNFI distribution centers and roll out in Fairway markets before the new year.
Bitter Love products are available in three flavors: Tart Cherry, Toasted Pineapple, and Grapefruit. At only 40 calories a bottle and no added sugars they are delightfully bitter and refreshingly tart. All products are available online at, on Amazon and at retailers throughout New England.
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About Bitter Love:
Founded in 2017, Bitter Love was started by four female entrepreneurs in Portland, Maine with collectively over 50 years of experience in the Natural CPG industry. Through witnessing where consumer trends are headed, they decided to make a refreshing, all-natural, and fun ready-to-drink bitter blend beverage. The product is non-alcoholic, shelf-stable and while it makes a fantastic ready to drink beverage, it also can be a wonderful mixer. At only 40 calories a bottle and no added sugars, it is delightfully bitter and refreshingly tart. Today, the company has two New England based distributors, has opened approximately 100 local wholesale accounts, and made national sales online through Amazon. To learn more about Bitter Love and their delicious bitter blend beverage, go to