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'Scooped Cookie Dough Bar' Opens 17 New Locations in Multi-State Expansion – Leveraging Latest Delivery and Virtual-Kitchen Technologies to Help Customers Indulge Their Cookie-Dough Craving Across the Nation


Dec. 16, 2020


Scooped Cookie Dough Bar recently announced upcoming plans to open 17 Scooped locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Florida in January of 2021.


As the pandemic continues to force restaurants and eateries to redefine how they conduct business, Scooped has fully embraced a convenient, cost-effective virtual kitchen model to better reach its rapidly expanding cookie-dough customer base through new physical locations that are accessed online. Scooped offers a growing menu of delicious, safe-to-eat gourmet cookie dough flavors – including gluten free and vegan options – that can be eaten directly from the bowl.

"We're absolutely thrilled to be opening so many locations in such a relatively short time," said Scooped owner, Matt Weber. "Although 2020 presented a lot of challenges for us, we're moving into 2021 with an extremely hopeful outlook. Using Cloud Kitchens' lower-cost, virtual kitchen model, we've set up in California, Colorado, and throughout the East – all in prime residential areas. Each location is purely focused on delivery and pickup, and they'll all use delivery platforms like UberEats and GrubHub to get our cookie dough to local customers.

A majority of customers order online at this point, so these new virtual kitchen locations are perfect – fully equipped and staffed kitchen spaces where our customers can easily order treats via their computers and cell phones. It allows us to have a presence in a greater number of areas, without the usual costs of traditional brick-and-mortar locations. We're making a safe bet that even after the pandemic is under control, people will still enjoy having their favorite treats delivered right to their door."

Go online to learn more about new flavors, nearby locations, and Scooped franchise opportunities. Or follow Scooped on social media: InstagramTwitter.


About Scooped Cooked Dough Bar
Founded in 2017, Scooped was created to share our love of cookie dough with the world. We use fresh ingredients, pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour to ensure a safe-to-eat raw cookie dough experience. We like to think our stores resemble ice cream shops, except we serve scoops of delicious dough instead – complete with favorite toppings like sprinkles or chocolate/butterscotch chips. And Scooped Cookie Dough is absolutely perfect with your favorite glass of milk. Come share the love of cookie dough with us at: