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Power Knot Bio Digesters
Power Knot is an LFC food biodigester that can process from 40 lbs to 4,000 lbs per day of waste food.
Also, you are helping...when you understand that waste food in a landfill generates 34x the amount of greenhouse gas compared to waste food that is processed aerobically.  
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Meet the all new plant based burger
from Gardein.
May 28, 2020  Ntl. Burger Day

Gardein introduces a delicious new burger unlike any the brand has ever offered. Gardein's new Ultimate Plant-Based Burger looks, cooks and smells like real meat for a satisfying burger experience with no sacrifices. The new burger adds to Gardein's reputation for delivering great-tasting meat alternatives. And Gardein is enlisting a pair of celebrity burger enthusiasts to kick-off the celebration. The Ultimate Plant-Based Burger is the newest addition to Gardein's menu of plant-based alternatives to meat and fish. With roots in chef-inspired cuisine, Gardein believes those seeking plant-based meals shouldn't have to settle for a limited menu. Gardein's offerings include Meatless Meatballs, Chick'n Tenders, Fishless Filets and more.  


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Tabletop Discussions 
4 Chef usage profiles
By Jim Lopolito
Food Fair Contributing
Business Editor
Note:  Jim is currently providing free consulting sessions during COVID-19. 
See end of this article for details.. 
Confronting Hospitality Conditions During COVID-19 

"In preparation:

1)     If you are planning to operate the same way you always did, think again or get ready for possible disappointment. Do not assume just because your business was good that it will resume to normal. Routine is not what I would anticipate right away.

2)     Be prepared to slowly rev up operations and not be fully staffed from the start. I know that you want to get everyone back to work, but but allow this to advance as business grows over the weeks, or......con't.